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A Brief History

When I started programming games for our first computer a ZX spectrum back in 1983 at the age of 6 I knew I had a future in technology. After joining the job market in earnest and trying my hand at various posts around South Africa I gained just enough IT experience to be dangerous and headed out for greener pastures.

In 1999 I went over to London and after a few months of contracting in the IT market I joined a .com start-up which had just raised seed funding and had only 5 staff. Over the next 8 years the company raised several million pounds and grew to over 50 employees - we had a lot of fun playing with all the best toys and building an enterprise level network along the way.

After the intense pressure of the London .com environment I needed a break, and so I loaded all my belongings into a Landcruiser and travelled home across Europe and Africa for a year.

Now settled back in South Africa I operate several businesses in the IT industry and focus on building and integrating systems for my clients across Africa.

Personal Information

  • NameSimon Taylor
  • LocationBallito, South Africa
  • Email
  • Phone(+27) 78 544 0412


Systems Specialist

Having an in-depth understanding of all things IT I can provide holistic advice on solutions to improve your business.


I help my clients with communications on a global scale using whatever technology is available be it Fibre networks, VoIP, Sattelite, Wireless or Carrier Pidgeon.


I have designed and developed systems for many applications from ERP, CRM, Retail through to Smartphone Apps that integrate with them.


I am more paranoid than most having been involved in a Security company for 30 years, this has made a natural extension into the IT Field.


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